Aerobic Activity Including Aerobic Exercise

Are you like me and really haven't given aerobic activity a second thought? Does the sound of working out just not give you a great feeling? Relax, you're not alone, though it doesn't need to be that way. I have been involved in different exercise classes and have purchased videos and tapes. I have joined different health clubs and other organized activities through community education, but I have never stuck with one program. I know that aerobic activity is needed to maintain my health, but listening to aerobics experts and reading various information it all seemed over whelming to me. During my last physical my doctor told me that due to the heart disease in my family it is very important that I get involved with aerobic activity several times each week. I explained my past experiences with trying to be involved in various aerobic activity, and how I found it difficult to stick with a program.

He told me that aerobic activity does not have to be organized, nor does it have to be doing the same thing each time. Aerobics is simply working the large muscle groups at a regular pace strenuous enough to cause your breathing to increase. This can be achieved through walking at a brisk pace, biking, swimming, rowing or any other aerobic activity that you find enjoyable. He feels that it is more beneficial to vary the aerobic activity through out the week because this allows you to strengthen various muscles and it keeps you from getting bored. He said not to worry about taking your pulse and trying to figure out the different formulas that aerobic activity experts are coming up with, the important thing is to go out and get your heart beat going and improve your lung capacity. On my way home from the clinic I reflected on what the doctor had told me.

It made sense to me to just continue the walks that I was already taking, but to push myself to go a bit faster. I did this for two weeks and found that I was going farther on my walks in the same half hour period of time. After the two weeks of increasing the pace I began to wear one pound wrist weights. The added weight slowed me down a bit, but I could feel my lungs and heart were working harder. By making just a couple of minor adjustments to my evening walks I was involved in aerobic activity. I know that many people simply do not have the time to walk.

I mentioned this to one of my co-workers. She said that she had just read an article that said if you did not have 30 minutes to devote to aerobic activity at one time, you get the same benefits by increasing your breathing rate for three 10 minute intervals throughout the day. It is easy to fit this in by simply walking though the large office building I work in and taking the flights of stairs. I mapped out a route that involves 4 flights of stairs broken up into two flights at a time.

Between flights I briskly walk the corridor from one stairwell to the other. On days that I know I have a tight schedule I walk this route prior to starting my work day, I walk it again before going on lunch break and again before leaving the office for the day. This way I get my 30 minutes of aerobic activity completed before I get home.

I found that getting the aerobic activity I need for my health really isn't that difficult after all. The biggest key is to simply get started. Once you do that you can adjust to your schedule and time restraints, but at least you can get in the right amount of aerobic activity.

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