Learn The Top Excuses People Over Make For Not Exercising

This list was compiled from several websites. You may or may not agree with my choices, but I think most of you will find this information very accurate. By now you are probably shaking with anticipation-so here they are:

1- I am too embarrassed to go to a gym.
2- I could not possibly gain muscle at my age.
3- I work out enough just doing yard work.
4- My hormones are a mess.

5- Exercise will not help me- I do not have superior genes.
6- I am afraid of change- It is too late for me.
7- I do not want to look like Arnold.
8- I am post menopausal.
9- I have osteoporosis.
10- I tried exercising before and I quit.

Here are 3 more that did not quite make the list.
1- I do not like being seen at the gym in my Hoveround.
2- When I exercise too hard my dentures get loose.
3- Watching TV and playing Bingo keep me in peak condition.
Just kidding.Focus on the Top 10.

I did not want this article to be too serious.

Honestly, it is never too late to start some sort of health and fitness program. Regardless of what type of physical condition you are in right now, there is ALWAYS SOMETHING you can do to improve yourself! You may want to first consult with your doctor. The experts say you need a comprehensive program which includes strength training, cardio, nutrition and a proper mental attitude. To all men and women 40 and over- do not be afraid and stop making excuses.

You can always look and feel younger. Get going now!

You can start now by doing some mild exercises at home, join a gym, buy a nice treadmill or simply go for a walk. Be creative- do not let life pass you by! And remember, many scientific research studies have shown that some type of resistance in your workout will give you the fastest results! This could be free-weights, machines, or even household objects like soup cans or jugs of water. Just do not over-exert yourself.

Expert health.

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