Aloe Vera Miracle in a leaf

Aloo Vera, in Chinese medicine, is one the oldest recorded medicinal plants that exists in the world today. This most amazing plant in the annals of those writings has gained widespread popularity among the western culture. The medicinal properties of this plant is widely regarded as a class A botanical source of healing. There are a number of clinically proven benefits that we are all aware of but some of the most interesting ones are off the beaten path.

We know it can be ingested to combat digestive issues and applied topically to wounds and burns for faster healing. What most don't know about is it's ability to reduce acne, and applied to a toothbrush to fight tooth decay and gingivitis amoung other dental maladies. The digestive process is bolster by Aloe Vera when ingested and has the ability to improve the flora in the stomach, combat digestive disorders, and heal ulcers.

For over 3500 years Aloe Vera has been used my many eastern cultures as a baseline medicinal aid. The travesty is that as technology and civilization has advanced, we as a culture have forgotten many such properties of plants like aloe vera. A 42 day study conducted at Mahidol University in Bangkok, Thailand and published in the Journal of Phytomedicine in 1996 revealed that aloe vera may very well be an active resource in the treatment of diabetes. In the study the test subjects witnessed a 43% reduction in blood sugar and a 44% drop in blood triglycerides by ingesting 15ml of Aloe Vera two times per day. A group of diabetics who weren't responding pharmaceutical medication were given Aloe Vera and showed amazing results in their blood suger and triglyceride levels. I'm not suggesting that one should ingest Aloe Vera on a continuous basis but I have experienced a healthier digestive process since beginning that practice.

The external benefits that are well know are the accelerated healing of wounds and burns and less scar tissue buildup. Scarring of the skin is greatly reduced during the healing process when apply Aloe Vera topically to the wound or burn. Recently discovered and promoted my some dentists is the application of Aloe Vera gel to the toothbrush for antibacterial treatment. The mouth is known to be a source of much bacteria infestation that can lead to gum diseases such as gingivitis, stomatitis and peridonitis, not to mention the bad breath that accompanies such conditions.

Dentists, even without be able to point to clinical studies, recommend brushing teeth with Aloe Vera to help fight tooth decay. Copyright (c) 2008 Michael Manning.

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