Fit Body Boot Camps For Income

Too many Personal Trainers seem to be following what other trainers are have been doing in the fitness industry for many years, which is trading their time for money. They spend an hour of their time training one person in exchange for an hourly fee paid by the client. For anyone who understands business, this is definitely not the way to build a business or an income.

You are completely limited by the time you have available to train in a given day. Once you run out of time, you run out of clients and you run out of money. Anyone should be able to see that running your fitness business this way is the same as running down a dead end street and into a brick wall.

The good news is that even if you've already hit that brick wall, and continue to bang your head against it, or you're just starting you personal trainer fitness business, you can learn to dramatically increase your fitness business and income by learning the business of fitness. The Next Level Fitness Solutions, founded by Darrin Nicoli, provides business training specifically for personal trainers and fitness professionals. Part of the "business of fitness" training available is how you can start and run your own successful and profitable fitness boot camps with Fit Body Boot Camps ? . Just imagine training 20 to 40 clients AT THE SAME TIME and getting incredible results. Imagine the money that you will be able to make and the number of clients you will be able to help.

When you run your own Fit Body Boot Camps fitness boot camp you are able to charge less per session per person, making it more affordable for your clients. Because the Fit Body Boot Camps are run as groups your clients will be able to participate with their friends, making it more fun for them. And, because most Fit Body Boot Camps fitness boot camps are run outdoors and with little or no equipment, you have very little or no overhead expenses.

Let's say, for example, you currently charge $40 per hour for an individual training session. 1 client for 1 hour is equal to $40. When you run a Fit Body Boot Camps ? boot camp you can charge whatever you want, but for this example let's say you charge $15 per person per session.

That makes it far more affordable for your clients, which will increase participation, and with 20 to 40 participants per boot camp (and you could have more) you would be making an income of $300 to $600 per hour. I don't know about you, but I seem to like the $300 to $600 per hour just slightly more than the $40 per hour. Wouldn't you say? Fitness Boot Camps are growing in popularity all over the country and personal trainers are dramatically increasing their incomes by running their own boot camps. The Next Level Fitness Solutions' Fit Body Boot Camps ? give you EVERYTHING you need to run your own fitness boot camp and begin dramatically increasing your fitness business and income. The Fit Body Boot Camps ? training program is not like other "cookie-cutter" programs out there on the market.

You will learn not only how to run your fitness boot camps from start to finish, but also how to start out with free advertising and sponsorship as well as ways to make your fitness boot camp stand out from the crowd and have clients coming to you in droves. Check out The Next Level Fitness Solutions to find out how you can begin to dramatically increase your fitness business and income today.


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