How to Gain Weight When you Have a Fast Metabolism

It seems like today everybody wants to lose weight. True, our country is having a major problem with obesity, but there are still those of us who would do just about anything to gain weight. If you're anything like I was, you could just about eat a grocery store out of business and not gain an ounce of weight.

So if you have tried anything and everything to gain weight to no avail, then keep reading my friend. There is such a barrage of misleading information out there today that it's no longer a question of getting information, but instead discerning the right information. So let's go over some of the key aspects you must follow on how to gain weight when you have a fast metabolism. The first key is weight training, and before I go any further I want you to forget everything you have ever read on the subject of weight training, bodybuilding, and anything else of the sort. Chances are you have been fed more misleading information then anything good, and since it isn't really that complex, let's start from scratch. OK, there are only a few key exercises that you need to do, no more then two to three days a week.

More is better in a lot of things in life, but not in weight training to gain weight, it's quite the opposite. If you spend too much time in the gym on too many exercises all you are going to do is over-train and you may even lose weight, especially if you have a fast metabolism. The key is to really train HARD on just a few major exercises, and to really concentrate on getting stronger each and every week, even if it's only by a couple of pounds. Here is an example of a few exercises you should do two or three days a week: -Squats: 2 x 15 -Bench Press: 3 x 12 -Bent-Over Barbell Rows: 3 x 15 -Overhead or Military Press: 2 x 12 -Romanian Deadlifts: 1 x 15 These are the mother of all weight gaining exercises, and squats are the granddaddy of them all.

Don't think that squats and Romanian deadlifts will only make your legs big. In fact, if you do them in the way I'm about to reveal to you, they will be responsible for 80% of the weight you will gain on your WHOLE body. Now, here is one key point you can't forget: don't make the mistake of believing that because the reps are relatively high, means you are only going to be using light weights. Think just the opposite, you are going to be training with HEAVY weights (relative to your strengths or course) for HIGH reps. Sounds like a paradox I know, but heavy weight for high reps will work for these exercises, and more importantly, they will work wonders for your weight gains.

The second aspect is your diet. The number one rule to gaining weight is this: you will only gain weight when you have consumed more calories then you have burned. So here's what you should do next: starting tomorrow, eat what you normally eat everyday, but count how many calories you are eating. Whatever your number is, your goal is to eat around 500 to 1,000 more calories then that each day. Here is a little trick to help you do that: every morning make yourself a huge protein shake, enough to fit in a gallon container, and consume it evenly throughout the day, both with and without your meals.

Throw in a bunch of healthy, calorie and protein packed foods until altogether until it equals the 500 to 1,000 extra calories you need. Examples of what you can add are milk, a banana, peanut butter, molasses, powdered milk, and ice cream. The last aspect you can't forget is to limit your other activities and rest as much as possible. Any time you're moving you're burning extra calories, and you'll want to burn as little as possible outside of your weight training. That means no cardiovascular exercises or any sports for that matter. Remember, you are trying to learn how to gain weight when you have a fast metabolism and any activity outside your weight training is counter-productive.

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