Calcium Channel Blockers Can Trigger, Aggravate GERD

NEW YORK -- A diagnosis of hypertension is hard enough for many patients to swallow. But a lifetime of calcium channel blocker therapy can be difficult to stomach-literally.

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Efforts to boost drugs' lifespans face growing scrutiny, study finds

NEW YORK -- Pharmaceutical companies will need to pay closer attention to lifecycle management for their drug products in order to compensate for a shortfall in drug development.

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Chains anticipate new growth in generic drugs' market share

NEW YORK -- Patents on 200 drugs exceeding $30 billion in annual sales will expire over the next five years and potentially shift substantial script volume from brands to generics.

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Single-patient trials, extemporaneously compounded products and pharmaceutical care

Extemporaneously compounded pharmaceutical dosage forms and other alternatives to commercially available drug products have become increasingly important components of therapy in recent years.

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Health & Care

New book

New book: critical condition—how health care in America became big business & bad medicineThe U.S. spends more on health care than other countries. In 2003, it accounted for 15.3% of the gross domestic product, a greater percentage than Germany.

Fighting the battle

Fighting the battle against health care fraud: CEO vigilance can help ensure better care for allHealth care fraud is a dangerous and expensive crime. The national cost tops $85 billion a year and is a burden borne by all of us--employers.

Battles over Generic

Battles over Generic access will wage on in 2002 - A View from the Top - health care issures bode well for the generic drugs industry - Brief ArticleThe convergence of such weighty issues as national health care costs, global health care access and obligations to a growing elderly population have placed the generic drug industry in the spotlight.

Trends in employer

Trends in employer-provided prescription-drug coverage: prescription-drug costs have been rising faster than the rate of inflation; although coverage remains an integral part of employee health care plans, covered employees share a greater portion of the cost of prescription drugs and are being offered cost-saving incentives more than ever beforePrescription drugs are an integral part of the high-quality health care those living in the United States have come to know. More than 60 percent of Americans fill at least one prescription annually.